Short Videos Of Our Flagship Stories

Introduction to the EcoTipping Points Project

Journey around the world with our videos and stories, and the lessons they offer
for effective community action.

Apo Island (Philippines) Saving a Coral Reef

7-minute video

A marine sanctuary rescues a fishery and coral-reef ecosystem headed for collapse.

New York City’s Community Gardens

12-minute video

Community gardens transform decaying urban neighborhoods.

Reversing Tropical Deforestation (Thailand)

14-minute video

Agroforestry farming and community-managed forests empower impoverished villagers to attain sustainability while sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

Rainwater Harvesting (Rajasthan, India)

11-minute video

Revival of traditional rainwater harvesting dams recharges the aquifer, transforming a drought-ridden landscape.

Escaping the Pesticide Trap (India)

16-minute video

Controlling pests without chemical pesticides catapults farmers from chronic poisoning and debt to health and hope.

Eradicating Zika & Dengue (Honduras)

9-minute video

A humble community liberates itself from Zika and dengue fever by using biological control to get rid of the mosquitoes that transmit the diseases.

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