Traditional Agriculture in Southeast Asia: A Human Ecology Perspective

Author: Gerald G. Marten
Publisher: Westview Press (Boulder, Colorado)
Publication Date: June 1986, 358 pp.
ISBN-10: 0813370264
ISBN-13: 978-0813370262

Table of Contents

  1. Preface, Acknowledgments, Introduction
  1. Agriculture in Southeast Asia – Ana Doris Capistrano and Gerald G. Marten – download .pdf (1.15mb)
    • Rice based Agriculture
    • Shifting Cultivation
    • Homegardens
    • Commercial Field Crops
    • Perennial Agroecosystems
    • Acknowledgments
    • References
  2. The Human Ecology Perspective – Gerald G. Marten and Daniel M. Saltman – download .pdf (2.7mb)
    • Agroecosystem Structure
    • Elements of Agroecosystem Function
    • Traditional Agroecosystems and Natural Ecosystems
    • The Special Role of Mixed Cropping
    • Social System Impacts on Agroecosystems
    • Agroecosystem Impacts on Social Systems
    • Impact of Agroecosystem Function on the Natural Resource Base
    • References
  3. The Bontok: Traditional Wet Rice and Swidden Cultivators of the Philippines – June Prill-Brett – download .pdf (2.73mb)
    • Land Classification
    • Traditional Rice Crop
    • Wet Season Cropping in Rice Paddies
    • Swidden Agriculture
    • Soil Conservation
    • Social Control of Land and Water Resources
    • The Role of Ritual
    • Impact of the Outer World
    • Acknowledgments
    • References
  4. Traditional Agriculture in Northern Thailand – Katin Srimongkol and Gerald G. Marten – download .pdf (1.28mb)
    • The Highland Area
    • The Lowland Area
    • Farmers’ Practices That Merit Further Study
    • Acknowledgments
    • References
  5. Rainfed Cropping Systems in Northeast Thailand – Anan Polthanee and Gerald G. Marten – download .pdf (2.36mb)
    • Existing Cropping Patterns
    • Farmers’ Decision Making
    • Existing Cultivation Practices
    • Experiences Testing New Cropping Systems
    • Conclusions
    • Topics for Agroecosystem Research
    • Acknowledgments
    • References
  6. Traditional Agroforestry in West Java: The Pekarangan (Homegarden) and Kebun Talun (Annual Perennial Rotation) Cropping Systems – Linda Christanty, Oekan S. Abdoellah, Gerald G. Marten, and Johan Iskandar – download .pdf (2.2mb)
    • The Role of Kebun Talun and Homegardens in the Javanese Landscape
    • Cropping Structure
    • Labor Input
    • Food and Income Production
    • Conservation Function
    • Strategies for the Future
    • Contents
    • Acknowledgments
    • References
  7. Socioeconomic Factors and Small Scale Farmers in Southeast Asia – Damrong Thandee – download .pdf (1mb)
    • Subsistence vs. Market Oriented Farming
    • Cultural and Social Factors
    • Patterns of Land Tenure
    • Technology Transfer
    • Public Policy
    • Acknowledgments
    • References
  8. Social Organization and Traditional Agroecosystems – Joseph A. Weinstock – download .pdf (1.4mb)
    • Social Organization and the Environment
    • Elements of Social Organization and Their Relations to Agroecosystems
    • Acknowledgments
    • References
  9. Ethnoecology: An Approach to Understanding Traditional Agricultural Knowledge – J. Peter Brosius, George Lovelace, and Gerald G. Marten – download .pdf (1mb)
    • Basic Assumptions of Ethnoecology
    • Examples from Traditional Agricultural Societies
    • Traditional Conceptualizations of the Environment
    • Acknowledgments
    • References
  10. Soil Management in Traditional Agriculture – Gerald G. Marten and Patma Vityakon – download .pdf (2.2mb)
    • Traditional Systems of Agricultural Land Classification
    • Mixed Cropping and the Soil
    • Maintaining Soil Fertility
    • Erosion Control
    • Acknowledgments
    • References
  11. Shifting Cultivation and Tropical Soils: Patterns, Problems, and Possible Improvements – Linda Christanty – download .pdf (1.39mb)
    • Definitions and Classification
    • Stages of Shifting Cultivation
    • Effects of Shifting Cultivation on Tropical Soils
    • Contemporary Problems and Possible Improvements
    • References
  12. The Ecology of Traditional Pest Management in Southeast Asia – Becky Brown and Gerald G. Marten – download .pdf (2.7mb)
    • Pest Problems in Traditional Agriculture
    • Traditional Pest Management Technology
    • The Role of Mixed Cropping
    • The Pesticide Dilemma
    • Conclusions
    • Acknowledgments
    • References
  13. Trees in Paddy Fields in Northeast Thailand – Somluckrat Grandstaff, Terry B. Grandstaff, Pagarat Rathakette, David E. Thomas, and Jureerat K. Thomas – download .pdf (1.77mb)
    • Rapid Rural Appraisal
    • Why Are There Trees?
    • Progression of Trees in Paddy Fields
    • Uses of Trees
    • Paddy Fields as Multiresource Systems
    • Acknowledgments
    • Appendix: An Example of Probing
    • References
  14. The Complementary Roles of Homegardens, Upland Fields, and Rice Fields for Meeting Nutritional Needs in West Java – Oekan S. Abdoellah and Gerald G. Marten – download .pdf (2.17mb)
    • Research Methods
    • Identification of Critical Nutrients
    • Nutrient Production
    • Impact of Market Involvement
    • Mixed Cropping Species Composition
    • Optimal Crop Mixes
    • Implications for Development
    • Acknowledgments
    • Appendix: Plants Observed in Homegardens and Agricultural Fields Surveyed in Jatigede Area, West Java
    • References
  15. Traditional Agriculture and Agricultural Research in Southeast Asia – Gerald G. Marten – download .pdf (2.35mb)
    • Recent Trends in Agricultural Development
    • A Role for Traditional Agriculture
    • Natural Ecosystems as Models
    • Farmer Scientist Collaboration
    • Acknowledgments
    • Appendix: Examples of Agricultural Policy Options
    • Reference


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